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Smokies in Our Schools

The Murphy Family Foundation partners with the Trail Smoke Eaters and local schools and hosts Smokies in Our Schools each hockey season. Local schools participate by selecting a Smokies game night, packing the arena and engaging with their school, staff and community! 

Last year the first place school received a $4,000 donation, second place received $3,000 and the third place school received a $2,500 from the foundation. All other schools were awarded $1,500 for participating. 

The $16,000 contribution to area schools reflects the Murphy Family Foundation’s support and commitment to Greater Trail and surrounding communities and strives to provide opportunities that will empower and encourage youth.The 2023-24 season, the Murphy Family Foundation has once again increased their support, providing the schools and  opportunity to bring home a $5,000, $4,000, $3,000 donation for coming in first, second or third place! That is now over a $20,000 donation! 

Every school has embraced their night and made it their own, planning school assemblies, classroom competitions, students/teachers riding the Fanboni, students singing the national anthem, taking part in the intermission contests and so much more!

Congratulations to the top 3 schools for the 2022-23 season (Fruitvale, JL Crowe and RSS) and a big thank you to the other schools for taking part, supporting the Smoke Eaters and engaging with your students, staff and families. We look forward to working with your school again this season, planning another fun Smokies in Our Schools night!